Faith Martin

Faith Martin

Founder and President

In 2002 my first collie came into my life. Beacon was to become a guide dog and I was her puppy raiser for 15 months. About that time the guide dog school stopped using rough coat collies for guide dogs and I was so lucky to adopt Beacon. Soon after that I began volunteering for collie rescue and eventually started Friends of Collies and Shelties in 2008.

Our mission is to provide foster homes, transportation and other available resources to help abandoned and unwanted collies and shelties. We take in collies and shelties from shelters and those surrendered by families. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each dog is placed in the most suitable home that will meet their individual needs. We do this locally and by networking with other reputable collie and sheltie rescue groups in the Southeast.

Adoption Options

We currently do not have any collies or shelties available for adoption.

But you can check the following groups to see what available dogs are there:

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One of the most difficult decisions a dog owner has to make is to rehome, surrender, or relinquish their dog. This can happen for many reasons and is often the best option for the dog and for the family. We at Friends of Collies and Shelties are here to help you with this decision and will network with the most reputable rescues in the SouthEast to find the very best home for your pet.

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We accept dogs in Florida and SE Georgia.

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